The Best Novels of 2014

Another year has come and gone. This year it left so many wonderful books in it’s wake. I’ve selected 10 books released in 2014 that made me a very happy reader. As I prepared this list it highlighted to me just how hard a time I’ve had this year reviewing. 60% of my list is […]

2012 BEA Blogger Conference Recap

There is a difference between being conceptually aware that there is a lot of book bloggers and being in the midst of them. Realizing that this large group of bloggers was really just a small portion of the total gave me a good feeling. Remembering the first Book Blogger Appreciation Week that Amy coordinated (which […]

#readingfreude or Jennifer Comes to Jesus

As a book blogger, I have been out of commission pretty much since #franzenfreude hit the fans. I’ve read some tweets and random articles about the brouhaha while I’ve been absent, but by no means have I kept up to date with ruckus. What I’ve read a couple of weeks ago changes my perspective. In […]