#227 ~ The Little Stranger

The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters Dr. Faraday, a bachelor with meager beginnings, is a local family doctor. Normally his clients are from or near his own socioeconomic status, so he was somewhat surprised when he was called to an increasingly run down Hundreds Hall.  It is here where his mother worked as a maid in her […]

Thankfully Reading ~ Day 1 Update

I hope that each and every one of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving (or just a very nice Thursday if you’re not from the US). Our Thanksgiving dinner was a smashing success.  The girls and my mother-in-law were, in fact, flabbergasted by the table.  The girls wanted nothing more than to help spread out the […]

Thankfully Reading Weekend

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! For the last 6 years, Thanksgiving has been an extremely subdued holiday. There have been years in fact where we didn’t even eat a proper Thanksgiving meal. Danny’s parents are not up to the cooking much any more and ordering a catered meal has become our modus operandi. Earlier in our marriage Danny and I […]