#443 ~ The Empty Glass

The Empty Glass by J. I. Baker Published by: Blue Rider Press Published on: July 19, 2012 Page Count: 336 Genre: Mystery My Reading Format: Review copy sent to me by the publisher for consideration. Available Formats: Hardcover and eBook My Review Ben Fitzgerald is a Deputy Coroner for Los Angeles County on the night […]

Interview with Dana Precious

I had the great good fortune of talking to Dana Precious, the author of Born Under a Lucky Moon earlier this year. It was a new, fun experience for us both. We were both pretty new to the whole Skype experience. On top of talking with someone that far away and seeing them, it was […]

TGIF With Vanina Marsot, Author of Foreign Tongue

I absolutely loved Foreign Tongue by Vanina Marsot. So, when I opened my email a couple of weeks ago and saw a message from her, it made my day! In the midst of her returning to the United States from Paris, Vanina graciously agreed to answer a few of my questions. She even provided these […]

#151 ~ Foreign Tongue

Foreign Tongue: A Novel of Life and Love in Paris by Vanina Marsot Anna is running away from Los Angeles and the debacle that was her relationship with an actor boyfriend who began cheating on her the moment the clock started ticking on his fifteen minutes. As a result of her dual French/US citizenship and […]

#122 ~ The Art of Social War

The Art of Social War by Jodi Wing Stacy Knight was at the top of her game the evening that her “I HEART New York” campaign was announced toward the end of Rudy Giuliani’s reign has mayor.  She sparkled as a member of his administration and, based upon the reception of her PR campaign, had […]

#83 ~ Admit One

Admit One: A Journey into Film by Emmett James When I was offered the opportunity to read this memoir, I was extremely excited. I’ve always loved movies and this love is something my husband and I share in common. Danny studied to work in film during college, where he worked very hard to create and […]