Literate Housewife Seal of Approval

Welcome to Book Blogger Appreciation Week! What better way to begin than by highlighting blogs you didn’t see on the BBAW Awards shortlists? Although there are incredible blogs that were shortlisted for the BBAW Awards, many of the blogs I read on a daily basis aren’t on that list. This provided me with a great […]

From Henry to Anne ~ Happy Valentine’s Day

Mail Online is reporting today about a new love letter from Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn written five years before they married.  It was held in the Vatican for the last 50 years, but it is now on display at the British Library in London (Medieval Bookworm, if you get a chance, please go and […]

BBAW: Best Historical/Historical Fiction

Historical fiction became a passion of mine almost from the second I cracked open The Other Boleyn Girl a year ago last spring.  I’m absolutely thrilled to have the honor of highlighting each of these nominees and announcing the winner on Thursday.  Each one of the following nominees helps make history come alive every day: […]