Love Slave by Jennifer Spiegel

Love Slave by Jennifer Spiegel Published by: Unbridled Books Published on: September 2012 Page Count: 280 Genre: Fiction My Reading Format: Paperback copy purchased for my personal library Available Formats: Paperback and eBook Summary from the Publisher: “I can write the pants off any man,” declares Sybil Weatherfield, the plucky hero of Jennifer Spiegel’s Love […]

#169 ~ April & Oliver

April & Oliver by Tess Callahan April and Oliver grew up within a tight knit yet dysfunctional extended family.  They are cousins through the marriage of Nana and her second husband.  There has been a sexual tension between them since adolescents; but where April jumped right in to where her demons led her, Oliver stayed the […]

#122 ~ The Art of Social War

The Art of Social War by Jodi Wing Stacy Knight was at the top of her game the evening that her “I HEART New York” campaign was announced toward the end of Rudy Giuliani’s reign has mayor.  She sparkled as a member of his administration and, based upon the reception of her PR campaign, had […]

#66 ~ Gilding Lily

Gilding Lily by Tatiana Boncompagni Sometimes getting what you dream about can become a nightmare. At least that is Lily’s experience in this engaging, fun, and fast-paced novel. Gilding Lily tells the story of a young woman from a middle class background who marries into an established, wealthy family in New York City. Her romance […]

#57 ~ The Tea Rose

The Tea Rose: A Novel by Jennifer Donnelly I heard about this book and ended up reading it somewhat by chance. I was reading through the postings on and saw a posting about The Winter Rose coming out. They were excited to get a chance to read it. A few days later, I got a […]