Call Me 37 Today

Well, the day has finally arrived and I can no longer say that I am 36.  Well, I was born at around 9:50pm, so I could wait to say I’m 37 until tonight, but that’s being a little ridiculous (although if you agree with the whole date and time thing,  you’ll make me exceedingly happy […]

When Bad Things Happen to Good Books

A while back, the Tuesday Thingers blogged about book swapping. In my post, I specifically mentioned lending my copy of Aberrations by Penelope Przekop to a friend of mine named Marjorie, and that when I lend a book, I do so being okay with the fact that it may come back to me damaged or […]

#85 ~ Aberrations

Aberrations by Penelope Przekop When tragedy strikes during a child’s infancy and childhood, how much should that child’s parent reveal to the child and when? The main character of this novel is Angel, the only daughter of an attorney and a budding art photographer. When Angel’s mother dies while she is an infant, her father […]

July Book Blowout Update Day 2

I was able to finish Regina’s Closet last night (technically this morning) before I went to bed.  It was a wonderful book and a quick read.  I have one review to write before this one, so I’m hoping to post my review sometime this weekend. Next up: Aberrations by Penelope Przekop. Literate Housewife’s Official Challenge […]