A Cartoon Book Review by Ward Sutton

I came across an article about a literary collaboration while reading Pop Candy today that absolutely blew me away. Ward Sutton, best known for his political cartoons during the Bush Administration (check out Sutton Impact: The Political Cartoons of Ward Sutton). Barnes & Noble , as I’m sure most of my readers know, sells books […]

Seriously, WTF?

I am not a fan of Ellen Page.  Although I’m in the minority, I didn’t find her performance in Juno very realistic or endearing (I hate that I have even just linked to it’s Wikipedia page…).  People at work have attributed this to my age.  I thought perhaps my experience of adoption colored my views […]

#68 ~ Love is a Mix Tape

Love Is a Mix Tape: Life and Loss, One Song at a Time by Rob Sheffield I found out about this book from Pop Candy, my favorite pop culture blog written by Whitney Matheson. As soon as I found out what this memoir was about, I had to buy it.. It tells the story of […]

Turning Fiction into Film

Whitney from Pop Candy (one of my favorite pop fiction blogs), posted a link to this article that lists 21 books that could make great movies. What do you think about movie versions of books? What elements make for the best translations? In my experience, I’d prefer to keep to the book. That being said, […]