TSS ~ Beating the Heat

Normally the girls and I hit the pool on Saturdays. Not this week. It was simply too hot. Instead, we met up with my friend Miki and her daughter Sam and headed to the mall and then the art museum. Since talking with a tweep about nail polish, I had the bug to buy some […]

My aha moment ~ Passionate about Reading

While I was in Washington D.C. last week I was contacted by a firm working with Mutual of Omaha‘s aha moment tour.  They found my blog, read my About page, and asked me to share my aha moment with them over the weekend while the aha moment team was in Roanoke.  I was flabbergasted to […]

#68 ~ Love is a Mix Tape

Love Is a Mix Tape: Life and Loss, One Song at a Time by Rob Sheffield I found out about this book from Pop Candy, my favorite pop culture blog written by Whitney Matheson. As soon as I found out what this memoir was about, I had to buy it.. It tells the story of […]