This Week in Literate Housewife News, 3/19/13 Edition

Since I last posted, I have read some great books. A Grown Up Kind Of Pretty is an audiobook has been sitting on my shelves since Valentine’s Day 2012 collecting dust. Over the past month a group of us on Twitter planned a read-a-long, which was spearheaded by Julie from Girls Just Reading (@JulieJustReads). With her […]

For the Love of Fountain Bookstore & Giveaway

Living in a city without an independent bookstore (Roanoke’s last store closed in early January and I never really felt very comfortable there), I often must appreciate them from afar. I admit to a twinge of jealousy whenever I read about book events and shopping sprees. I long to be able to participate  in #IndieThursday […]

February 2012 Recap

While my spreadsheet numbers have gone down from an estimated 138 books read in 2012 to 118, I still had a fabulous reading month. Just look at these beauties I read:             I also made some progress on my reviews. I started February 11 or 12 reviews in the hole. When the month […]

A Bookish Good Week

I’ve got a great week of bookish goodness coming this week. The first thing on my list is a tour stop with a new-to-me virtual book tour: Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours. When I was offered a spot on M.J. Rose’s The Book of Lost Fragrances tour, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Rose is one […]

#400 ~ The Baker’s Daughter

The Baker’s Daughter by Sarah McCoy Published by: Crown Published on: January 24, 2012 Page Count: 304 Genre: Fiction / Historical Fiction My Reading Format: eBook purchased for my Kindle – I’ll be buying my Hardcover copy on 02.24.2012 when Sarah McCoy will be at Fountain Bookstore  in Richmond. Available Formats: Hardcover and eBook My […]

One Twitterific Week

This week would have gone by and would eventually long since forgotten had it not been for Twitter. I didn’t always love and enjoy Twitter the way I do now. I’ve found that it’s something that requires commitment and a desire to build relationships in order to come into its own. I would say that […]