#361 ~ You Know When the Men Are Gone

You Know When the Men Are Gone by Siobhan Fallon Published by: Amy Einhorn Books Published on: January 2011 Page Count: 240 Genre: Short Stories My Reading Format: Audiobook purchased with a credit for Audible.com. Audiobook Published by: Tantor Audio Narrator: Cassandra Campbell Audiobook Length: 5 hours 50 minutes Available Formats: Hardcover, eBook and Audiobook […]

#123 ~ A Heart In Port

A Heart In Port by Emily Givner Emily Givner, the gifted Canadian author of A Heart in Port, died in 2004 of an allergic reaction.  She was but 38 years old at the time.  The stories in this book reflect the themes of her life and speak of a generational experience that we shared.  This […]

#101 ~ Months and Seasons

Months and Seasons by Christopher Meeks Christopher Meeks sent me a copy of his latest collection, Months and Seasons a while back and I’ve been eager to read it.  I love the cover and the descriptions of his stories sounded interesting.  After finishing a 600+ page novel, a collection of short stories for my next […]

#97 ~ No One Belongs Here More Than You

No One Belongs Here More Than You: Stories by Miranda July When I first started exploring other book blogs and reading related e-newsletters, Miranda July’s collection of short stories kept popping up. The author and her collection of short stories sounded intriguing to me, but for whatever reason it wasn’t something I thought about when […]