#105 ~ Sisters of Misery

Sisters of Misery by Megan Kelly Hall A special thanks to Andi from Andi Lit for sending this to me for review.  Her lack of reading time was truly my gain. Maddie Crane has everything her mother ever wanted, she has a prestigious New England last name and is a member of the Sisters of […]

Behind… My September Wrap-Up

My grandfather worked in tool and die.  When he retired, he had his machines in his shed.  One of the things he loved to make the most were cribbage and euchre boards.  He gave this lovely euchre board to me quite some time ago.  Although I’m not sure how to take that on a personal […]

Guidance for Reviewing Young Adult Literature

I still remember the day that I left Young Adult literature behind for good.  I was in the 8th grade and looking forward to high school when I found a booklet at the library that listed the 101 books that every high school student should read before college.  I don’t remember what books were on […]

The Sunday Salon 09.21.08

It is such a gorgeous day today!  This is the first morning I woke up feeling chilly.  A few months from now I’ll no doubt be complaining about this, but it felt really, really good.  I’ll be wearing long pants and a long sleeve t-shirt today for sure.  And, since I’ve finally gotten my seasonal […]