#143 ~ Soul Catcher

Soul Catcher by Michael C. White Soul Catcher is the story of Augustus Cain, a man who is lost to himself and his society.  He spends his time drinking and gambling.  When he finds himself with debts he is unable to pay, he is forced to revert to his one distinct talent – catching runaway […]

The Sunday Salon ~ 02.15.09

Good afternoon, Sunday Saloners!  I hope that everyone had the  Valentine’s Day they were hoping for  this weekend.  I had fun planning Emma’s Valentine’s Day party on Friday.  I’m her room mother and I’m really enjoying that.  I used to love those parties the best when I was in grade school – even better than […]

The SuperBowl Sunday Salon

Welcome to my first Sunday Salon on my new URL!  I can’t tell you how excited I am that you’re here with me.  Taking this live new site live has certainly been an adventure.  In many ways I wished that I had done this a year ago, but I wouldn’t have made the investment in […]

Exciting News about Historical Fiction Lovers Book Club!

As I mentioned before, I joined the Book Clubs application on Facebook and started my own online book club Historical Fiction Lovers.  We started the club reading Loving Frank and seven of us completed the Reader’s Guide and Review form.  There was some really good discussion, especially about Mamah and her choices.  I found out […]