#486 ~ Man in the Blue Moon

Man in the Blue Moon by Michael Morris Published by: Tynedale Published on: August 17, 2012 Page Count: 400 Genre: Fiction My Reading Format: Review copy sent to me by the publisher for consideration. Available Formats: Paperback and eBook She Reads Selection: Man in the Blue Moon is the November 2012 selection for the She Reads […]

#436 ~ A Land More Kind Than Home

A Land More Kind Than Home by Wiley Cash Published by: HarperCollins Published on: April 17, 2012 Page Count: 320 Genre: Southern Fiction My Reading Format: Audiobook purchased from Audible.com using a monthly credit Audiobook Published by: Blackstone Audio Narrator: Lorna Raver, Nick Sullivan, and Mark Bramhall Audiobook Length: 8 hours 56 minutes Available Formats: Hardcover, […]

#141 ~ Mermaids in the Basement

Mermaids in the Basement by Michael Lee West Imagine finding evidence that your boyfriend, an up and coming movie director, was cheating on you with one of his starlets through a gossip magazine.  Imagine also that your mother Shelby and beloved step father just recently died in a plane crash, you’ve never had a good […]

#139 Tomato Girl

Tomato Girl by Jayne Pupek During Nanowrimo 2008, Karen Harrington posted an article that Janet Finch wrote to encourage participants, “Dear Author – ‘Make Trouble for Your Characters.’ ”  Jayne Pupek did just that for Ellie Sanders, an adolescent girl growing up in a home with a mentally ill mother.  Ultimately, she is the one […]

#130 ~ The Front Porch Prophet

The Front Porch Prophet by Raymond L. Atkins When you pick up a good novel written about the south by a Southern author, you can tell.  There is just something about that area and the writers it creates that is unique, remarkable and gorgeous.  Had William Faulkner, Harper Lee or Margaret Mitchell not been from […]