#207 ~ The Return

The Return by Victoria Hislop Today it is my great pleasure to be Victoria Hislop’s host on her TLC Book Tour for her novel, The Return.  I have enjoyed the reviews I’ve read along the way.  Please see the end of my review for a list of the blogs who are on this tour with me. […]

#200 ~ The Shadow of the Wind

The BBAW theme for today is highlighting a book that you have read based upon the recommendation of a book blog.  As it so happens, one of my favorite books of the summer came highly recommended from all over the book blogging community. Conversations with various people on Twitter prompted me to buy the book, […]

#98 ~ The Last Queen

The Last Queen: A Novel by C.W. Gortner I am pleased to publish this review as one of the stops on C.W. Gortner’s Virtual Book Tour! The Last Queen tells the story of middle child of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand, Juana. She watched her parents take back the country of Spain from the Moors […]

#62 ~ The Forgery of Venus

The Forgery of Venus: A Novel by Michael Gruber What would it be like to live a life in which you cannot trust your memory or your senses to tell you what is true or even who you are? Charles “Chaz” Wilmot lives that nightmare in The Forgery of Venus, the latest novel by Michael […]

#21 ~ The Constant Princess

The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory After reading both of her Boleyn books, I was very excited to read this book about Katherine of Aragon, even though it was out of chronological order so to speak. She was such a wonderful character seen through the eyes of Mary Boleyn. This book was good and provided […]