Where Fiction Isn’t Allowed to be Fiction

Main Entry: fic·tion Pronunciation: \?fik-sh?n\ Function: noun Etymology: Middle English ficcioun, from Middle French fiction, from Latin fiction-, fictio act of fashioning, fiction, from fingere to shape, fashion, feign — more at dough Date: 14th century 1 a: something invented by the imagination or feigned ; specifically : an invented story b: fictitious literature (as […]

Three I Can’t Live Without

I found this post that Miss Holly wrote in response to Cheryl’s.  I just had to jump on in… If your book collection were on fire and you could only save three books from burning, which three would you save and why? While I’m answering this, I’m going to assume that I’ve already rescued my […]

The Rape of Anne Boleyn

Having had the better part of five days to think about the film adaptation of The Other Boleyn Girl and the time to read the reviews of other bloggers and movie critics, I feel that there needs to be some discussion about the rape scene.  The more I think about it, the more appalled I […]

The Other Boleyn Girl, A Review

It has been a fun yet exhausting day today, but I wanted to get my initial reaction to the movie published tonight. I’ll write in more depth tomorrow. The movie was good, not great, but enjoyable. All of the characters in the film were caricatures of their counterparts in the novel, but that is to […]

24 Hour Countdown

24 hours from now I will be sitting in the theater watching the film adaptation of The Other Boleyn Girl. Despite my reservations, I’m starting to get excited. I’ve even talked a co-worker of mine into taking a half day off with me. Lunch at Red Robin followed by nearly two hours of Henry. Who […]

The Other Boleyn Girl Virtual Book Club Contest

This contest appears to have been completed.  You can’t view the site any longer.  Thanks to everyone who participated! _______________________________________ Sony Pictures has sponsored a fun contest surrounding the release of The Other Boleyn Girl. People create and join virtual book clubs. Each person who joins takes a quiz to earn points for their club. […]

Gregory Discusses the Differences between Fiction and Film

Here is an interesting article that Philippa Gregory wrote about writing and reading historical fiction and the differences between her novel and the upcoming film rendition of The Other Boleyn Girl.  If I gain nothing else from seeing the movie, I really enjoyed reading this article. A big thank you to Butterflylady from HistoricalFiction.org for […]

Interview with the New Boleyn Girls

USA Today printed an interview with Scarlett Johannson and Natalie Portman. It’s not terribly enlightening, but you might want to check it out. No mention of the kiss…

A Royal Disaster?

The Other Boleyn Girl was my introduction to modern historical fiction, Philippa Gregory, and my beloved Tudors.  When I heard the news that a film based on TOBG was in the works, I was thrilled.  It was a such a powerful read and I was hopeful that it would make a wonderful movie. It didn’t […]

Right Up LiterateHousewife’s …

I am forever be indebted to Betty Jackson for this design for her showing at London Fashion Week: I now have all the motivation I will ever need to get in shape.  I so want to squeeze myself into a pair of Henry VIII hot pants!   I only wish I could wear them to the […]