#110 ~ The Other Queen

The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory I had been awaiting the publication of The Other Queen since I finished reading The Virgin’s Lover in October of 2007.  As time progressed and got closer to its September 16th release, my anticipation kept growing.  Finding out that I would be seeing Philippa Gregory in person just a […]

Camping, My 6 Quirks, and Other Excuses Not to Write My Reviews

I had a great time camping with my family and co-workers over the weekend.  Our tent worked out great.  Emma got to spend nearly the entire time taking care of two puppies.  Allison became fast friends with Maya, my co-worker’s daughter.  We had s’mores, we took a paddle boat ride, Danny and the girls went […]

The Sunday Salon 09.21.08

It is such a gorgeous day today!  This is the first morning I woke up feeling chilly.  A few months from now I’ll no doubt be complaining about this, but it felt really, really good.  I’ll be wearing long pants and a long sleeve t-shirt today for sure.  And, since I’ve finally gotten my seasonal […]

BBAW: Book Blog Awards & Philippa Gregory Scavenger Hunt

For updates on this Scavenger Hunt: Please head over here.  I’ve added the number of prizes. _____________ Next week will be a busy week here at The Literate Housewife Review: I’ll be hosting the award for Book Blog Readers.  I announced this contest earlier this week.  Be sure to check this out and send me […]

A Love Letter to The Other Queen

If ever there was a novel I have coveted and wanted in my hot little hands NOW, it is The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory. Ever since I finished her other books about the Tudor clan, I’ve been willing time to speed up time and make September 16, 2008 arrive. Thus far, it hasn’t worked. […]