TGIF With Vanina Marsot, Author of Foreign Tongue

I absolutely loved Foreign Tongue by Vanina Marsot. So, when I opened my email a couple of weeks ago and saw a message from her, it made my day! In the midst of her returning to the United States from Paris, Vanina graciously agreed to answer a few of my questions. She even provided these […]

Winners of My Foreign Tongue Contest

From my point of view, the contest for a copy of Vanina Marsot’s Foreign Tongue was by far the most fun I’ve ever had.  I’ve learned some new cuss words, colorful twists on cuss words I’ve already known, and fun  slang from Australia. You all had me laughing and enjoying life.  Thanks so much to each […]

Giveaway ~ Foreign Tongue by Vanina Marsot

This week HarperCollins sent me another copy of Foreign Tongue by Vanina Marsot. While I was tempted to keep it because it wasn’t an ARC copy, I love this book too much to keep it to myself.  I want to share it with all of you!   This book will be available in stores on […]

#151 ~ Foreign Tongue

Foreign Tongue: A Novel of Life and Love in Paris by Vanina Marsot Anna is running away from Los Angeles and the debacle that was her relationship with an actor boyfriend who began cheating on her the moment the clock started ticking on his fifteen minutes. As a result of her dual French/US citizenship and […]

Thursday’s Thoughts ~ What I Would Study

When I finished grad school back when 1999 wasn’t history, I swore I would never – EVER – go back to school.  I was tired of papers, classes, exams, forced reading of textbooks, etc…  This week’s Thursday’s Thoughts topic is like kismit with it’s timing, though.  For the first time in 10 years, I really […]

(A Sort of) Tuesday Teaser

Every once in a while, a section of a book I’m reading stops me in my tracks and makes me take notice. I just had that happen in Foreign Tongue, the debut novel of Vanina Marsot. This novel, which starts with Anna running away from L.A. and her ex-boyfriend Timothy to her second home, which […]

The Sunday Salon ~ What a Week!

I am torn between thanking God it’s Sunday and wishing that it was next Friday.  I work as a Sr. Business Systems Analyst for a company that has developed its own dental claims processing software suite.  For the most part, I write requirements for our clients when developing enhancements to the system, I act as […]