Monday Mini ~ Redshirts

Getting back into the swing of things each week is hard. So is finding the quiet time to write a review over the weekend. In order to ease out of the weekend, I’ve decided to begin my blogging week with a mini review. This week my post is going up a little later than usual […]

Audiobook Week ~ My Year in Audiobooks

Hooray for Audiobook Week! I’m so glad it’s here. This is my favorite theme week of the entire year. I love having the excuse of looking back on my year in audiobooks. Thanks so much to Jen from Devourer of Books for organizing this event each year. I very much attribute my involvement in audiobooks […]

#441 ~ Ready Player One

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline Published by: Crown Publishing Published on: August 16, 2011 Page Count: 3844 Genre: Science Fiction My Reading Format: Audiobook purchased with credits from Audible.com. Audiobook Published by: Random House Audio Narrator: Wil Wheaton Audiobook Length: 15 hours 46 minutes Audiobook Sample: Thanks to Random House Audio for permission to […]

Mid-Week Meme ~ Audiobook Week Post #3

Today’s Audiobook Week topic was unveiled this morning on Devourer of Books. It was fun to have something unprepared for this morning. Here is what I came up with: Current/most recent audiobook: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, narrated by Wil Wheaton Impressions: I finally started listening to this because all the internet was talking […]