#470 ~ Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion Published by: Atria Books Published on: April 2011 Page Count: 256 Genre: Paranormal/Zombie My Reading Format: Audiobook sent to me by Blackstone Audio for consideration Audiobook Published by: Blackstone Audio Narrator: Kevin Kenerly Audiobook Length: 7 hours 59 minutes Available Formats: Hardcover, Paperback, eBook, and Audiobook My Review The world […]

#310 ~ Paul Is Undead

Paul Is Undead by Alan Goldsher Published by: Simon & Schuster Published on: June 2010 Page Count: 310 Genre: Fiction/Mashup My Reading Format: Audiobook won as part of a promotion Audiobook Published by: Blackstone Audio Narrator: Simon Vance Audiobook Length: 7 hours 50 minutes Available Formats: Paperback, eBook, and audiobook Cautionary Note If memory serves, […]

When Books Brighten Your Day

Today began feeling like one of those days when you oversleep and never catch up.  Allison had a bad dream around 5am, so when the time came,  I didn’t really want to get out from under the covers.  It’s my own fault mainly because I stayed up later than I should have. You know, the […]